Needing Them Both

Do we need moonbeams or black, female prosecutors
Who will whip the bigger than big butt of the occupant
Of the White House? It’s a black, female, powerhouse
Prosecutor who will cause the occupant to scrunch up
His double X shorts, go into apoplexy as he did in Detroit
When the black, female minister said, “Excuse me,” and
The future occupant started to pant and back step and say,
“Who, what, when and where and how high?” And in that
Moment every one who watched the then candidate clutch and
Such, knew it would be the smart, quick, black, female,
Prosecutorial candidate (who brought down the house)
And would bring down the occupant of the White
House as Ms. Flighty Moonbeam said profoundly and rightly
But without any particular plan (Say what?), “Love will
Bring you down.”

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