Empty Handed

From a colleague to an acquaintance,
to a stranger, we worked together for
three years when I was a full-time

campus minister and he was half-time
given his parish pastoral responsibil-
ities and we parted company and then

one day while I was on vacation in a
location in Tennessee far from home,
I ran into him and we looked at each

other and said hi and fell silent for
a few seconds and then asked about
each other’s families and then wished

each other well and went on our separate
ways except that I then heard he had
some legal problems related to a book

he was writing about a prostitution
ring in the southern city near where
we happened on each other. Now, so

many years after that chance encount-
er, I wonder whatever happened to
him, especially after hearing he

was charged with solicitation related
to the book he was writing. After all
these years, I wish him well and wonder

if the book on prostitution was ever
published. I googled it and came up

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