From Where Do They Come?

“Behind” and “Buddy boy” are words in his vocabulary
as in “Watch your behind,” and “Hey, buddy boy,” which

he has used often over the years and out of his past, to
which he had never given a thought as to where they

came from until he watched a 1966 movie on Turner
Classic Movies and heard Paul Newman say “Rest your

behind” and referred to “Buddy boy” in a telephone
conversation both in the same movie which he doesn’t

remember seeing but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t
see the movie. What he does remember from the movie

is loving the sixties’ music sound tracks in those
crazy, suspense, detective movies that, undoubtedly,

he watched back in his youth and about which he now
doesn’t have a specific recollection except that he

knows he has “behind” and “buddy boy” in his vocab-
ulary and still, after all these years, uses them on

occasion without thought to their derivation,
origin or etymology.

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