Are We Listening?

It is already together,
holding together,
working together,
moving forward,
It is all here, now.
Forces of fear
only tug and tear
at the growing,
They kill the body
but not the spirit.
Those forces are
an aberration.
They are passing
away like a violent
storm which
wreaks havoc in
its path but then
turns into a zephyr
The storms are
worse than ever.
The ice is melting.
The seas are rising
because of an
aberration — sloth.
But the sloth, too,
shall pass away
and the earth shall
recover because
it is whole, good,
moving to completion
in love.
Tyrants and despots
work from a deficit.
They don’t know
they are part of
the whole.
They beg to be filled.
They are blood–
They cannot stand
the joy.
They try to stamp
it out and they
don’t know it
is right there
will pass away.
They are an
Mystics point
the way.
They know.
They experience
They are not
an aberration.
They may die
or be killed,
but they will
not pass away.
They are truth
Are we looking?
Are we listening?

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