A Flicker of Candle Light

The man watched the president
utter gibberish, malignant
phrases, racist rhetoric and

a rambling response doubling
down on his ludicrous accusations
and defamations and denying that

he is a racist. Of course, being
hollow, he doesn’t know anything
about himself and then the man

saw the Prince of Darkness in
the shadows behind the president
and the man knew from where

the president was getting his
information, of course, the author
of fake news, the Prince himself,

beautiful, decadent creature and
then the man saw a flash of life
in the darkness, deadness and

hollowness. It was Jesus, the
Christ, dying, a flicker of candle
light in their hearts. They don’t

know Jesus is there. He is working,
silently sewing the seeds of ir-
resistible grace in the smidgen of

life left in the otherwise empty,
dark souls for when he and they
will rise together.

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