On To Babylon

The author said that the candidate
went to the evangelical leaders
and said that he and they didn’t
agree on much but that he, unlike

wussy Republicans, would not play
the political game and ultimately
let them down in a way that he would
never let them down and that if they

voted for him, he would deliver on
judges who would vote the way they
wanted. The sly, politically savvy guy
won their vote and he won the election,

probably not in actuality, but that is
for another time, and now that he is
the president by the will of God
according to the evangelical leaders,

they think of him as Cyrus, the Persian,
who delivered the Hebrews from Babylon
as Donald will deliver white, evangel-
ical Christians from the onslaught of

black, brown, yellow and red Americans
who, want, according to the fearful
white, evangelical Christians, to send
them to Babylon.

George W. Bush already sent Americans
to Babylon and it didn’t work
out so well.

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