We Can Take It All In*

We can take it all in —
all war, pestilence, climate
destruction, torture, injustice,
prejudice, racism, bigotry,
misogyny, avarice, cruelty,
hunger, sorrow, suffering —
all in our heart.
We can absorb it all;
we don’t have to turn away;
we don’t have to thrust it away;
it won’t be nightmarish;
we won’t perish;
we don’t have to deny;
we won’t die.
God’s all-embracing heart is there
with our heart;
we can care.
We can take it all in —
because Jesus died
and lives in our heart;
we won’t lose heart
because the Spirit gives us cour-age
to take it all in
and then,
we can do something about it.

*idea from a meditation by Henri Nouwen

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