It’s The Trickle-Down Practice

It’s the trickle-down theory —
the theory that water trickles down —
then runs down, then floods down.
There’s one trickle-down theory
about money trickling down from
on high and we know that doesn’t
work and why —
because the money stays up
because it is grabbed and
held on high
by some wealthy wise guys —
meanwhile, there is the other trickle
down theory, the one that’s more
practice than theory —
and that’s the one of FEAR.
Fear trickles down and runs down
and floods down —
daily, weekly, monthly,
year after year —
and then anger goes up and up
and up and violence goes up and up
and up and the master trickster
(with his Joker chuckler) tickles the
funny bone of white America
and sixty-three million cult followers
are tickled
and laugh their way, all the way —
through Dante’s one to the ninth
circle of Inferno.

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