This Little Light

They ask, “When will the sun shine in?
It’s been so dark for so long, I’m beg-
inning to see the hieroglyphics in the

technicolor of my imagination. ” They
pray, “Here comes the sun, here comes
the sun, and I say, ‘It’s all right.’” Those

in the dark want the sun and say, “It’s
all right,” but it isn’t all right when all
you know is night. They will be blinded

by the sun. How long will they need to
adjust? How long will they look at the
sun and realize that just beyond the sun

is the darkness as dark as any darkness
they have known since the slave ships
regurgitated them onto the shores of

what would become America? It is
the darkness of privilege and economic
security and everything that keeps

those privileged people from singing,
“Here comes the sun,” because they
live in darkness thinking it is the light.

Who will shine the light on their dark-
ness? And a little white girl and a little
black girl in the same Sunday School

sing, “This little light of mine, I’m
gonna let it shine, let it shine, let
it shine, all the time.”

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