Designer Faith

The well-coiffed, white woman sat at
the bar in the upscale hotel talking
non-stop at the woman she was with

about how much she loved her church
and how wonderful it is to be a
Christian and how when she travels

out of the country how glad she is to
get back to such a great Christian
nation. As she spoke she found time

to raise her glass of Pinot Grigio
to her lips and as she did, her Gucci
watch and bracelets jangled. When

she tossed her head back, her neckless,
just above her scoop-necked, expensive
blouse, glimmered in the summer’s

descending sun. Her companion’s hus-
band arrived and the woman excused
herself with the announcement that

she was late for her pedicure. When
she got up, she said to the couple
that she was sure they were at the

right place to make the decision for
Jesus. She tossed several singles
onto the bar complaining that the

cabbie in “D.C.” who drove her to the
plane, paid her back in them. As
she walked off, she made a statement

with her cut-off, designer jeans
and just the right height open-toed
clogs. She moved too quickly to see

how badly she might need that pedicure.

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