Friends Come and Go, So, Adios, One Time Amigos — Life Happens, Oops, My Bad

Everyone looks at their phones constantly;
there is no excuse,
no matter where they may be,
so, if I send an e-mail
and don’t hear back without fail,
those e-mail addresses are deemed obsolete
and I just jump up,
wipe my hands and dust off my feet.
I will oblige,
no hard feelings to hide.
Perhaps, my missives
are dismissive
and considered just a bother;
no hard feelings, they won’t get another.
I get the delay
and adios I will say.
They don’t want contact, it’s obvious,
so, as far as I’m concerned, to them, I’ll be oblivious.
Friends come and go,
so, come rain or snow,
come gloom of night, come the day’s heat,
that particular address I’ll simply delete.
Bye, bye.
Oh, look what just came in;
wouldn’t you know it?
They’ve been on a phone-free vacation.
I love these guys.

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