West Side Story For Today — Prescience

Where did you go Richard Beymer? Retirement?
Did you duck out because you gave yourself a
Bad review? Richard, you
Were fine.

We need you, Tony, to stop the fight.

Russ Tamblyn, where did you go
After West Side Story? Retirement?

We need you, Riff, to stop the fight.

Natalie Woods where did you go?
We know.

We need you, Maria, to stop the fight.

George Chakiris where are you today? Retired?

We need you, Bernardo, to stop the fight.

Rita Moreno, where are you today?

We need you, Anita, to stop the fight.

Have you all gone away?
But the problems stay.

Tony, Riff, Maria, Bernardo, Anita, can you save us?

We need you today to stop the fight —

To stop the fight.

Please come back and stop the fight.

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