Safe, Health Conscious Thieves?

Being cyclists themselves,
they always look for cyclists
on the streets and try to get

a look at the make of the
cycles. “Oh, look, dear, cyclists,”
he said to his wife as the car

came to a stop at the light.
“What are they doing?” The
couple, dressed in lycra

and spandex cycling jerseys
and shorts and wearing
helmets stood rummaging

through the boxes of
pre-processed donations
at the drop-off door of the

non-profit donation store.
There wasn’t an employee
in sight. They were filling

a garbage bag. The man
wondered, How will they
get the garbage bag of

goods home? Seriously,
are they stealing from
the Salvation Army?

How low can you go?
There’s got to be
another explanation.

With that, the male
cyclist slung the bag
over his shoulder and

the cyclists rode off.
The man said, “At least
they are wearing helmets.

Did you get to see what
kind of bikes they were
riding, dear?”

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