A Poetic Response — There Is Beauty, a Tanka

A wonderful priest friend made a poetic response
of gratitude to my haiku A Tiny Sunflower
and the photo of the sunflower, August 16.

I counted the words and realized it would work
as a tanka, a five-line, 31 syllable, ancient Japanese
poem with a 5,7,5,7,7 scheme.

Here is one definition: In its purest form,
tanka poems are most commonly written as expressions
of gratitude.

And so, with great gratitude and affection,
I say, “Thank you, Father Thomas,” and, with
his permission, here is There Is Beauty.

There Is Beauty

There is beauty and
there are surprises…..and how
great is it when they
come as a great package deal —
like unexpected flowers?!


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