He Woke From A Nap

He woke from a nap to My Fair Lady,
And started to show off by singing, “I
Have often walked down this street
Before,” when his voice began to quiver
And he was overwhelmed with emotion.
Swallowing hard, speaking as he could,
He said to his wife, “The three females
I cared most about until you were all
From around that time in my life —
Three girlfriends — one of whom
Become my wife of twenty-six years.
He could barely get their names out
Followed by the words, “They have all
Died. Please stay alive twenty years
After I die. Please.” Then came Sabrina,
Next in line of films featuring Audrey
Hepburn. He listened to “Isn’t It Romantic?”
And looked lovingly at his wife.

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