Stayin’ Alive on the Road

The man learned how to drive back in the
day before there was driver’s training. His
dad started him off in vacant parking lots
and then, when his dad thought he was

ready for the road, took him on back
roads and side streets. His dad told him
that a car out of control is a killing
machine and that we are here to save

life not take it. He would have added
a little philosophy of self-interest
by quoting an ad “The life you save
may be your own,” if it had been around

then. His dad also told him, “Ever
and always — drive defensively.” The
third thing his dad told him was, “The
purpose of driving was simply to go

from point A to point B and but it’s not
racing in the Brickyard.” The fourth thing
was, “Keep one car length distance for
every ten miles per hour of speed be-

tween you and the car in front.” That
training has served the man well. When
the man is out on the road and sees
the crazy driving and the recent

phenomenon of “road rage,” he thinks
about how his dad might not ever have
been considered “The King of the Road,”
(He wasn’t into country-western.) but

could have been the King of Driver’s Ed.
Oh, and the King of Life Lessons. Oh,
and the inspiration for The Bee Gee’s,
“Stayin’ Alive.” Well, maybe not the

last one. His dad was more into the
French Impressionist composers.

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