Two Guys Sat At A Bar

At a bar in Atlanta in the ’70s
two guys, friends, in town for a
conference, sat sipping martinis.
For some reason, the subject of
homosexuality came up. Maybe
just because it was coming out of
the closet. One of the guys, stuck
in the old prejudicial, “The parts
don’t fit” mentality, said, “Gays
just don’t seem very happy.” The
female bartender overhearing the
remark said, “They are happy, but
they are sad because of prejudice.”
The other guy who usually had a
smile for everyone and every-
thing didn’t say anything. Yes,
years later, the quiet guy at
the bar, died while still in the
proverbial closet and the other
guy who considered himself a
good friend kicked himself for
his own ignorance, insensitivity
and prejudice which made his
friend so very sad that night at
the bar in Atlanta.

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