Tilting at Windmills

The man keeps tilting at windmills.
If he sees cyclists without helmets,
he minds his own business even
though he knows such riding isn’t
safe, but the man saw a trim, fit,
young father riding a fine, expensive-
looking bike. He rode without a
helmet, but his little son, on his
own bike wore one. The man
thought to himself, Surely this
guy knows better. When the
cyclists stopped at the store,
the man said, “You should wear
a helmet. You’re sending a bad
message to your son.” “Hey,
buddy, stop trying to helmet
shame me.” Well, all righty then,
the man thought to himself. Then
he drove down a side street and
in front of him with her back to
the car walked a woman with
her fine-looking dog. The man
stopped and told her that the
dog was beautiful and followed
that with, “You should walk against
traffic.” The woman indignantly said,
“Why?” The man, incredulous, said,
“A distracted driver might come along
and run you and your dog down.”
She said, “Actually it is your
responsibility to watch out for us.”
Incredulity filled the air and the man
just drove off mumbling to himself,
“Well, all righty then.” He started
humming, “When will they ever learn;
when will they ever learn?”

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