He Said He Wouldn’t Lose a Vote

He didn’t shoot anyone on 5th Avenue
as he said he could and not lose a vote,
but he probably thinks he could bring
an AK-14 with an extended clip into the
press room and mow down all the journalists
justifying himself as draining the corrupt
news swamp and sixty-three million American
cultists (a sadly misunderstood and forgotten
lot) would cheer and vow to vote for him in
2020. This guy knows his base even though
he would never consider having such a sadly
forgotten lot to dinner at Sea to Lake or
even over for a Quarter Pounder or an Im-
possible Whopper, which he, the Burger
King if not the American King, thinks
was named after him, “The Stable Genius
Impossible Whopper,” and probably doesn’t
understand why his wife doesn’t refer to
him as such.

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