And So It Goes and Goes and Goes Until It is Found Mildewing in the Basement

He checked the list of authors
of the journal in which he had
published three or four articles
over the years and he, as the
years pass by more quickly
than ever, wished to see his
name again in black and white
listed among those distinguish-
ed authors. What he hadn’t
counted on was a change in
name for the journal. Oops.
Names in the journal by the
former name have been re-
legated to anonymity, utter
obscurity with seemingly
no way to prove one’s place
in literary history except the
weather-worn copies with
his byline mildewing in his
basement. And then he re-
called that four other journ-
als in which he had articles
published had gone the way
of all flesh, also. Then he asked
himself, “Where the heck are
those copies?”

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