Slip Sliding Away

He’s afraid he has missed out on a lot of life
and love offered right before his eyes but to
which he was blind because he was staring
at a past that was gone and only lived in his
dreams and in the sentimentality of times
during the day and in the evening when his
mind would wander away to that which was
but no longer is here to stay. He thinks he
wasn’t present in that day and now he isn’t
present today. He wonders where he is as
it all starts to slip away.

1 thought on “Slip Sliding Away

  1. What were the trade-offs? There are always trade-offs. Grasp what is offered today, and let go of what you missed yesterday. Let Go, and Hold On. I have more, but for the moment, they’ve slipped away. As meaningless as yesterday’s chilly breeze.

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