A Rusty Bucket and a Theory

On the seventy-fifth anniversary of his birth
he had a medical procedure, passed the test
with flying colors and, because of his age,
won’t ever have to have that procedure

again. The physician said he graduated from
Colonoscopy U. In an unrelated health issue,
he’s been moaning and groaning about failing
eyesight in one eye. He has experienced some

tragedies over the years, but he has survived,
in fact, thrived and is still trail jogging, albeit
more slowly and with the assistance of his
beloved hiking sticks. He has a theory that

if time in the womb and the first five years go
really well with lots of love and hugs, a kid
can endure just about anything life throws at
him or her. On the same day, a kid celebrates

his sixteenth birthday by going to school and
shooting five fellow students and himself. The
senior citizen wonders how the kid’s first five
years went. Then he gives thanks for all those

hugs and all those kisses and all those sincere
declarations of love he experienced. He hasn’t
done any research on his early-childhood theory
and it might not hold water any better than a

rusty, old bucket, but he figures it can’t hurt and
he gives thanks for all the hugs, kisses and sincere
declarations of love his own kids got. They have
gone through some tough stuff, but they, too, have

survived and thrived and, as for the grandkids?
Ditto. Knock on wood, he thinks. He says a prayer
of gratitude on the anniversary of his birth and then
he prays for all those kids at that high school and

then he prays for sensible gun regulation and that
legislators will wake up, hear the screams and smell
the gun powder.

1 thought on “A Rusty Bucket and a Theory

  1. I think you’re spot on about the first five years. I also think love, hugs and teaching of trust from a father and mother in an intact family would do more for society than even the strictest of gun control.
    Further, media sensationalism often focuses us in directions irrelevant to the betterment of humanity. For simplistic example, two days ago there was a mass shooting at one school in California. That amounts to 0.000008% of all the schools in the U.S. (SENSATIONALISM)
    I don’t see much press coverage relative to boys growing up without the presence of fathers, an issue, which if addressed adequately, would drastically decrease school shootings, suicide, bullying and a host of other problems young boys face these days.
    When you and I were growing up, the years from birth through high school, divorce was as rare as school shootings. My high school had a gun range in the basement. Kids brought guns to school during hunting season in order to head out to the woods right after classes ended. Mass murder was a non-issue.
    A solution more effective than stricter gun control – Stricter divorce control and an emphasis on keeping families intact.

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