The Know Nothings

The Republicans on the House
Intelligence Committee, obviously,
never had a basic philosophy nor
basic debate class in college be-

cause they don’t seem to know
the difference between Socrates
and sophistry/Sophocles and
sophistry. Socrates was a great

philosopher chronicled by Plato
as being victimized by lies and
false testimonies and finally killed
by the power politicians’ sophistry.

Sophocles was a great tragedian
recounting the tragedy of sophistry
because the Greeks were living the
tragedy of sophism. And Republicans

repeat the tragedy by telling the lies of
sophism in defending the Occupant
who is the Great Pretender, the
dispenser and defender of sophistry,

which he doesn’t even know but thinks
he, the self-proclaimed stable genius,
practices a philosophy as great as
Socrates and writings better than those

of Sophocles even though he doesn’t read
and only tweets. And the lies are dis-
pensed and defended by the Intelligence
Committee, sycophants of the Occupant’s

sophism, the Know Nothing’s of true
philosophy and the honorable practice
of debate with integrity without even
knowing they don’t know it just like

the Occupant.

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