New Covenant People

Are the Kurds the Lord’s new covenant people —
Searching for a home, being persecuted everywhere,
Reviled by surrounding nations and now betrayed
By the great distant nation under the leadership of a
Crazed wannabe dictator, a man without a conscience
And concerned only about his hotel business and
Pleasing a once-great nation but now a third world
Country with a small economy but a lot of nuclear
Bombs, another crazed true dictator and a liberal
Policy of loans to the real estate developer disguised
As the president of the United States? The Lord calls
What is despised by the world but precious in God’s
Sight to find safety in the arms of unconditional love
And to reveal the bankruptcy of those who whore
After mammon, illusory political power and con-
Sequent nation-numbing violence through war after
War. Kurds have suffered from horror upon horror
But the Lord does not abandon the chosen and we,
Chosen to identify with the wretched of the earth but
The beloved of the Lord, must not abandon them either
For they are our brothers and sisters who through their
Unjust suffering for simply being human beings and
Pawns among the nations are helping us to see the
Universal covenant we have with all peoples of the

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