It Is All Closing In On This Pure Animal Who Is Like A Rat

It is all closing in. He is the only species that
acts in one’s self-interest but only because
that species doesn’t have any alternatives or

choices. This example of a species has had
alternatives and choices but he doesn’t see it,
thus making him the equivalent of a pure species

without knowing he has alternatives or choices.
He is a pure animal, one who acts totally in his
self-interest as with all other pure animals be-

cause he doesn’t have choices about any of that
except that all those animal species know enough
to stop when enough is enough and then they will

stop fighting and killing and will go away except
the rats and this guy who would go on killing and
killing and killing in his own interest if he per-

ceived that that was the only alternative which
for him would be no alternative at all except to
do it.

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