Poems and Puns #10 The Hiking Stick

A young woman was really upset. Being
quite the lover of the out-of-doors, she

had hiked many of the US’s great trails
to the extent her friends dubbed her “The

Great Rolling Stone.” Unfortunately, her
boss said there was a crisis at work and

she had to cancel her plans to hike an
anticipated section of the Appalachian

Trail. Her sometimes clueless boyfriend,
trying to be helpful and lift her spirits

suggested she try a different sport where
work wouldn’t get in the way. He told her

the following pun: A fellow named Stone
loved bowling more than life itself. As a

result, he was perpetually unemployed.
I guess that means that a bowling Stone

gathers no boss. She said, “Excuse me for
a moment.” She left and came back with

one of her well-worn hiking sticks and
presented it to him. “What’s this for?”

he asked. “It’s a metaphor,” she said.

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