The Coffin’s Pall

They sold their soul after the Civil War
greedily for more and more and more.

Instead of staying with Abe
they looked for the money to be made.

Aligning themselves with the rich,
they threw the masses into the ditch.

They say that Capitalism raises all boats,
but 99% are with alligators and snakes in moats.

Around GOP economics vultures swarm
while Republicans keep power and disinform.

Holy Writ says you can’t serve God and mammon.
This is their hell while they proclaim it is heaven.

While Abe rolls over in the grave,
he calls for America to keep the faith, stay brave,

promote the general welfare, live abundance for all.
There is no actual scarcity and, hopefully, their
policies will fall,

so vote, vote, vote before over the Republic’s
coffin, we pull the pall.

From secular to sacred: “We watch and wait for a holiness to heal…and hallow….*
In darkness, we wait for the light to expose that which does bore and hollow.

*Frederick Beuchner, The Clown in the Belfry

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