Billionaires Seduced By Their Wealth into Behaving Like Autocrats

A benevolent autocrat is no better
than a malevolent autocrat in
leading the nation as a Republic

of, by and for the people and any
billionaire is by definition an autocrat
who only dictates answers because

he, and it is mostly males, has been
seduced by his money into thinking
he, and it is mostly males, must direct

what is going on rather than listen,
listen, listen, consult, consult, con-
sult and then, and only then, make

decisions judiciously and not arbitrar-
ily as if by fiat. Love of money corrupts
just as much as power corrupts, and

billionaires’ money corrupts the most
even with the correct ideology. Their
ears close, eyes close, minds close

and only they have the answer, in
their own minds inflated by self-
importance because they made

money which in our economic system
elevates a person’s importance to that
of demigod. Listen to their language;

they dictate because that is what they
do as founders, owners and CEOs.
We’ve got one of those right now

and how well is that going?

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