Just Another Manic Saturday, Sunday, Monday

An ice storm rages along the Big
Lake instead of fluffy, lake effect
snow for skiing, snowboarding,
sledding, while dunes are wiped

away and million-dollar homes
are crashing into the lake and a
rain and wind storm cranks up
along the Gulf keeping walkers

off the shore and running for
cover, with a prediction of
seventy-mile-an-hour straight
winds arriving in the morning

with flooding all up and down
the eastern seaboard and mon-
umental snow storms rage a-
long the upper West and Mid-

west and it’s just another normal
winter day and the Farmer’s
Almanac didn’t even see this
coming — well, we can’t see

beyond the ice, wind and fire
and neither can Earth, Wind
and Fire. I guess the Bangels
were the prophets on global

warming, telling us (with sweet
eighties’ lyrics) that it’s just an-
other manic (Saturday, Sunday)
Monday. No, they didn’t.

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