Nostalgia, Sentimentality, Democracy and One Billion Animals

I see TV commercials today
and I think of friends from yesterday.
I don’t know why —
is it nostalgic music; is that’s why?
Something reminds me of days on campus;
something triggers the hippocampus
to thoughts of years gone by
and friends, some who have died.
There is this one in particular
and that one who was really peculiar
and all of them who were precious
back in the day
and in my memory always will stay
and then I wake up and think
that internationally we need not shrink
but sober up, get over the sentimental past
and vote in this dangerous time,
for a democracy that will last
not to mention the one million animals
who have died in a blaze
and in our environmental haze
we need to wake up, wake up,
wake up!!!

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