It’s the Playoffs

It’s the playoffs and the
winning team’s cheer-
leaders were stacked
three deep behind the
commentators, smiling,
twirling their pompoms,
smiling plastic smiles
for however long the
commentary went on —
smile, smile, plastic
smile, twirl, twirl, twirl
and the billionaire own-
ers must have been
happy as the beau-
tiful, by and large,
blond cheerleaders
cheered and the one
percent loved it as
the grunts, albeit well
paid grunts, on the
field won or lost the
game and made the
one percent even rich-
er, win or lose, and
when the well-paid
grunts retire they have
may have a few dec-
ades before they lose
their brains or have
heart attacks and the
one percent smiled
as they got richer and
the cheerleaders kept
their plastic smiles as
long as the TV com-
mentators had them
as window dressing
and the one percent
wanted them to keep
those incredible smiles
and those unbelievable
twirling pompoms not
to mention their other

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