What Did Marshall McLuhan Say?

The new movies are arriving
faster than a BMW in a com-
mercial where the BMW is the
only vehicle on the road and
there are no stoplights. The
ads show all the fun — bomb
explosions here, automatic
rifle shots there, handguns
blasting away, bodies flying
up, down, all around and
every which way. The movies
star Hollywood’s favorites —
funny, handsome, in your
face stars with their guns
blazing and their cars chas-
ing and the audiences’ hearts
racing and then after shoot-
ing the final scenes, all those
super conscientious stars
meet up at a rally to protest
guns in America while millions
of people across the country
sit together in restaurants
and coffee houses and micro-
breweries not talking to each
other or looking at each other
but watching on their phones
their favorite movie stars blow
up everything and one, put-
upon, bullied white boy sits
alone in his bedroom staring
at the phone plotting.

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