No-o-o-o Expectations

He sends out e-mails that he
thinks will be of interest to
friends and family, some

about trending topics, some
pithy poems, some political
punditry, some things he has

gotten in the mail to which
he responds with a thanks
and passes on. His return

on the mail? Nada. It would
be easier to get out of jail
on bail for a murder charge

than to get a simple response.
And then he recalls the sage
advice, “If you have no

expectations, you won’t be
disappointed,” and he thinks
of the title of a blogger’s

blog, “Blogging so I don’t
drive e-mail friends crazy.”
He thinks of the title of

a travel/food show by a now-
deceased show host and how
the show was introduced,

with an elongated, drawn-out
announcement: “No-o-o-o Reser-
vations,” and he thinks he will

recommend a change of title to
the blogger who doesn’t want to
upset e-mail friends, “No-o-o-o

Expectations,” but he doesn’t
know how to get the baritone
voice to go with it.

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