Negative Reinforcing

Secretary Dr. Ben Carson
called to the dais to

calm the public regarding
the pandemic immediately

coughed into his hand and
then scratched his nose

with the same hand and
waxed religious at a

public event by calling
people back to Godly

prayer. Hopefully, God
will forgive Ben for

breaking the rules of
good, preventive hygiene

practice especially while
he is speaking to a TV

audience perhaps number-
ing millions. Maybe we

millions should just do
as the good doctor says

not as he does. We can start
with the Kyrie

Lord, Have Mercy

1 thought on “Negative Reinforcing

  1. Haha…I thought those thoughts when I saw the clip, but you captured them. Huzzah, Bob! Gesunheit, too. We are self-quarantining cuz of Lou’s ❤️. Spent a cursive hour trying to find my church service online by unsuccessfully attempting to install Adobe pdf reader in a Mac. Oh, well. Good news is that my s-In-law is back from filming in Puerto Rico, dominating Betz’s phone call … maybe he brought paper towels.

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