The Stentorian Voice Got It Right

The stentorian (fake) voiced Veep
seeking to reassure the public
(actually not) really seeks to
fawn over the Occupant like
an abused child sidles up
to the abuser. He regularly
uses the word “unprecedented,”
as in “He has shown un-
precedented leadership.”
What the Veep doesn’t say
is that this truly is a un-
precedented experience
brought to us by the Occupant
who has shown
unprecedented ignorance,
unprecedented arrogance,
unprecedented incompetence,
unprecedented hubris,
unprecedented narcissistic malevolence
unprecedented avarice,
unprecedented greed,
unprecedented selfishness,
unprecedented short attention span,
unprecedented mob mentality,
unprecedented cruelty,
unprecedented neurosis,
unprecedented psychosis,
unprecedented delusion,
unprecedented projection.
The bootlicking, bowing, brown-
nosing, cloying, cowering, crawling,
cringing, flattering, ingratiating,
kowtowing, mealy-mouthed, obsequious,
parasitic, scraping, servile, slavish,
sniveling, spineless, submissive, sub-
servient, sycophantic, toadyistic,
unctuous Veep got it right —

2 thoughts on “The Stentorian Voice Got It Right

  1. You pulled out all the dictionary stops on that one…..[almost] unprecedented for you. Thanks. Your vocabulary is so much better than mine!

  2. Wow! I can almost taste the bile, see the red aura of anger and feel the intense spasms of too much TV News. Chill! Relax! have a glass of wine and take comfort that you have enough toilet paper to last a couple weeks. LOL – Sorry about the LOL; it seemed necessary.

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