He Stands At the Podium

He stands at the podium
and moves his hands in and
out like he is squeezing an

accordion and sings about
the virtues of some snake
oil because he is a snake

oil salesman. He moves
his hands round and round
like he is stirring the pot

of snake oil. It is what he
does; he sells snake oil; he
can’t help himself and we

listen because he is on TV
during prime time and during
this time, there is nothing

else to do. We say he can’t
be a snake oil salesperson
because he is speaking on

our behalf and this thing
that he is hawking will
save us. What we don’t

know is that he really is
a snake oil salesman
because he has interest

in some of the companies
making the snake oil and
he really doesn’t know if

the snake oil will help
us or not but that isn’t
his concern. His concern

is selling the product
and behind the snake oil
is the snake tempting

Adam and Eve. But none
of the fresh-faced jour-
nalists sitting six-feet

apart dare ask. And
the old-folks watching
look at each other and

ask “I’m not old enough
to know personally, but
wasn’t there a time snake

oil was really good for
what ails you? Hey, if
it was good then, it’s

got to be good now. Right?
Honey, did you hear me?
Honey?” “Yes.”

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