The Sadness of the Heart

He saw something in the dune grass.
He walked over from the driveway,

looked down and saw what looked
like baby squirrels. It was two baby

bunnies. It’s Easter and two baby
bunnies, soft, brown and beige

bunnies were cuddled up against
each other in the cold, stillness of

death; it was as if they slept in
each other’s arms. He reached

down and picked up one. While
cold to the touch it was still soft,

not hard, not too stiff. Did they
belong to the bunny in the back

yard who the Chocolate Lab sniffs
out each morning and afternoon

and evening on outings? If so, would
momma be sad and, if so, for long?

They died but were not eaten. The
neighbor said that is is the way of

nature. They will be nourishment
for some creature. The man looked

out the window to the spot where
the two entwined bodies lay on the

grass. They were gone. It wasn’t a
resurrection even though it is Easter.

It is the way of all flesh. Maybe
hope is in the sadness of the heart.

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