Maundy Thursday Conversation

He called and asked her, “What are you
going to do for Easter? Got any big plans?”
She wondered what planet he was on.
“What about you?”she asked. “Oh, not
much. I’ll take some nice lamb chops
out of the freezer and fix them; clean up
my office desk a little and watch some TV.”
“Ditto, something like that,” she said. “Did
you really just ask me if I had any big plans
for Easter?” “Oh, I forgot, or perhaps just
wanted to forget.” “Oh, yeah, I’m going to
take the Chocolate Lab for a walk like I will
today, Good Friday and Easter Saturday.”
“That sounds nice.” “The dog gets excited
about going for walks. If I could get out and
about, I might try to find Jesus. Last year,
it was documented in an obituary that a
man went home to be with Jesus at Apple-
dorn North. I imagine Jesus has moved on
since then. It would be like an Easter egg
hunt only it would be a Jesus hunt. The
women saw him; two guys on the road saw
him and had supper with him; he mysteri-
ously appeared in an upper room and then,
of all things, he actually prepared breakfast
for some of the disciples who had been fishing.
I don’t think he’s going to be in church. In fact,
I don’t think Jesus has been seen in any church
around here in quite some time. I think I saw
him on TV at one of those faux coronavirus up-
dates. He was about to ask Dr. Fauci a quest-
ion about an untested pharmaceutical when
he was cut off by the Cutoff in Chief who
I am told has a financial interest in a com-
pany manufacturing the drug.” “Okay, well,
have a good day. Goodbye.” “Say, let me know
what you are going to do on Monday. Bye.”

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