An Easter in a Different World by Vicki Hill


Gently, gently snow descends
Afresh in April, when is its end?
Within our church we praise this Eastertide
As world became a snow globe outside
Drifting down like mercy that we praised
Jesus resurrected, from cruel death was raised

This is how our Peninsula acclimatizes
Psalm 150’s mandate all the world must actualize
Praising Holy Parent, Spirit, Son
The work Resurrection’s just begun.
We are in a strange rendition, the
Snow globe of the world’s condition

Recalling childhood, we have a childlike fascination
Of that shaken–not stirred–toy of transition
May we be reminded of God’s Hands safekeeping all
Our universe, endlessly blest, follow Jesus’s love call.
Birds, sea, music, dance, trees, instruments praise greatness of God
Lover of anyone wrought, bought at great price: all honor Creator, and laud.

Easter 2014

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