No Expectations/No Disappointments

His big sister said to run for everything in high school
And so he did and he won some but lost the big one.

It was the same way in college. His fraternity put him
Up for president of the senior class and he became the

Vice President. All those moments were a godsend. He
Never ran for another thing the rest of his life and he

Never had to say, “A vote for me is a vote for you,” and
Be compromised and be tempted and have his integrity

Tested over and over again. Instead, he got to write about
The politicians and all the ways they sell their souls and

Still, his sister wonders why he didn’t get to be the
President of the student council in high school. On her

Significantly advanced senior citizen birthday (It isn’t
Nice to tell a woman’s age.) she let him know-how

Disappointed she was that he didn’t call her when he
Had sent her numerous e-mails and a detailed e-birth-

Day card and he remembered how many times he dis-
Appointed his mother and now his sister and he wishes

She had been a politician so he could write about her
Moral compromises and how she was drummed out of office,

The office he never would have won if he had run to
Which his mother would have said, “Get a job,”

And he has a topic for his therapist, not only mommy
Dearest but sister dearest and mommy dearest and he

Wants to scream, “No expectations/no disappointments.”

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