A couple of days without a poem.
I’m writer-less given the utter in-
sanity of life in America right now.
Let’s meditate, let’s breathe deeply,
let’s pray —- constantly. OMG! I
just saw the U.S. Attorney General
William Barr say, “The ones who
get to write history are the winners.”
Did the guy who is supposed to be
all about JUSTICE just say “winners”?
Did I already write OMG! That’s a
nice meditation mantra — OMG,
The Dalai Lama just e-mailed that
we should drop the G and just go
with the sound not the words —
not Oh My God! Rather Oooommmm.
“Ooookeeedoookeee. Oh my god,
I just saw Adam Shiff, maybe
the smartest member of the
House of Representatives,
say what I just posted. Might
I be so audacious as to mention
that great minds think…and the
meditation would be GMTA —
AATT,” said Tony The Tiger.

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