“Totally, Completely Exhausted”

“In Tibetan there’s an interesting word: ye tang che. The ye part means ‘totally, completely,’ and the rest of it means ‘exhausted.’ Altogether, ye tang che means ‘totally tired out.’” — Devendra Banhart in an interview with Krista Tippett, On Being

As he read the interview he slowly said the
words ye…tang…che. As he said them he
experienced something like the total…complete…
exhaustion he experienced over and over and
over again: All you who enter into the hell of
the death of a loved one abandon hope… until
he slowly…slowly…ever…so…slowly began to
recall what hope felt like. Then he read the
words, “I’m gonna breathe in all the suffering,
the anger, the pain, the confusion, and I’m
gonna breathe out healing and peace and
wisdom and love and strength. And that helps
me, and it feels like I’m doing something, as
opposed to just taking in all this horror and
sorrow and sorrow,” and so he took a deep
breath and breathed out healing and peace
and wisdom and love and strength into his
coronavirus mask.


1 thought on ““Totally, Completely Exhausted”

  1. So inspiring. I’m breathing out…healing, peace, wisdom, love, and strength. (through my face mask)

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