Real Belonging

“Real belonging starts not with a group, but within ourselves: self-acceptance. Then you belong everywhere.’’ — Brene Brown

He knows he has a Mommy Dearest issue
in spite of therapy and he still has some
guilt (thankfully not shame, not so very

much except for when remembering lashing
out at those he loves). He has a MD issue,
for shorthand. He knows that he has issues

and a doctorate but not a medical doctorate
and that’s the emotional rub. Mommy Dearest
probably would have accepted him if he had

an MD (Doctor of Medicine or Mommy Dearest
degree) after his name and not another
kind of doctorate (Nah, probably not) and

that thought triggered his Mommy Dearest
issue and now he has to remember (as best
he can — thank God for grace) that he is

a child of Eternal Love and not the victim
of stuff (and then personally responsible
perpetrator of stuff against loved ones)

from a mother who got stuff from her father
and mother and on and on back to Adam
and Eve. And then he thinks about where

he belongs and he belongs with the Love
inside and therefore — everywhere, but
he still should see his therapist.

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