Has It Always Been So Easy?

Has it always been so easy to
sell your soul to the devil? A
prominent Republican’s book

is entitled Everything Trump
Touches Dies. That having
been said, wouldn’t people

run from that death? But no,
they rush into it for reasons
which escape analysis. So

many could retire with their
pensions and their integrity
intact but no, they sign-on

to ride the death vehicle to
its inevitable end and why,
why, why? What is it they

are going to get out of the
deal besides death? Nobody
seems to know. Don’t they

know they are going to die
in the car crash or on the
sinking Trump Titanic of

corruption? Maybe they just
want to commit suicide. May-
be they just hate themselves

so much that they welcome
death by Trump’s touch. Or
maybe they are just old, white

people thinking there is gold
and other treasures at the end
of the Trump train wreck.

Or maybe they are old, white
cult followers who never got
enough Koolaid as kids.

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