Every Action

Every action has an equal and
greater reaction. So, what did
we expect, something other
than physics, which is only

the scientific evidence of truth?
Did we think that physics has
nothing to do with the violent
death of a black man at the

knee of a white man wearing
a blue suit? So, physics aside,
how about psychology? Are
we ready to deny that the straw

that breaks the camel’s back
is the latest violation of human
rights; are we ready to say
that violence to meet violence

is something completely un-
understandable? So, there
is Watts, there is Detroit, there
is Chicago and now there is

Minneapolis/St. Paul. So,
psychology aside, how about
the spirituality of it all? Maybe
a lot of whites would wax

profound about how we need
to protest non-violently, silently,
and maybe there might be
blacks in the spirit of Martin

Luther King, Jr. who call for
non-violence and that is all
so true, but on the scientific,
psychological and spiritual

levels not to mention just
the human level — cries,
screams of violent injustice
erupt into violent acts of

reaction; who can say that
we just don’t get it? Of
course we get it, all the
four hundred years of vio-

lence against a particular
segment of our citizenship.
Of course, we get it and now
it is time to say enough,

enough, enough, more than
enough, more, much, much
more and while we call for
non-violence at least know

and understand that for
every action there is an
equal and greater reaction
and we have to under-

stand, not judge, not
jump to conclusions but
pray, pray, pray that justice
will be here one day —

long-overdue justice this
day. “What’s more, Whitey,
you ain’t got nothin’ to
say,” because you shout,

“Peace, peace when there
is no peace,” as every
black, brown, red and
yellow human knows.

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