Man As Dog

True, he was not good to
the dog for the fifteen years
the dog was part of their

family. How ironic, the man
loved the dog and cried like
a baby when he had to put

the old boy down, but, well,
his wife told him bluntly, he
brought things home from

work and let the dog know
it was all the dog’s fault.
Someone said that the dog

would be there at the pearly
gates to accuse the man be-
fore St. Peter. Since then he

has had many dogs and was
good and loving toward each
of them. He has begged for

forgiveness for his sins against
that dog and he hopes the
five will appear as character

witnesses — when, in reality,
his therapist asked, “Well,
why are you standing at the

pearly gates accusing your-
self? Interestingly, I can’t see
the dog.”

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