And The Spirit/Wind Danced

Creation Ruach enters my mind and heart
merging with my spirit. I breathe deeply
Creation Ruach, hold it in my chest,
feel it moving through my lungs, enrich-

ing my life’s blood and moving like an
ever-flowing stream of complete spirit,
emotion and body — spirit, emotion, and
body! Yes! And each part needs the other

to be one. How can we know Creation Ruach
when we cannot breathe — grasping for
each and every, ever-shorter breath of life?
And God blew God’s spirit and we became

living beings. The physical battle is an emo-
tional battle is a spiritual battle, but if it is
to be death, death from sources of brutality,
if such brutal death says it has won, death

is a fool. Death has lost its sting in sacrificial love,
for it is at the moment of death that eternal
healing takes place — the “Into your hands I
commend my spirit” sacrificial love. The yet-

to-be-cured continues the battle with the virus
and the brutality that remain and ravage for
a while, while spirit merges with Creation Ruach
in deep, beyond death breathing bliss, together

in one, dancing Whirling-wind Dervish dance while
reveling in anticipation of restored, renewed,
resurrection-new, complete peace for all in the
eternal wind and breath of Creation Love.

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