Copyrighting Stuff

Bloggers have copyright laws
which appear on site,
often in the right-hand column.
That, of course, assumes the
intellectual-property contains
intellect, which others
might want to claim
for themselves — that’s a
pretty big assumption.
And we all know how to
spell assume, but, hay,
a writer has to believe in
his or her stuff.
On the other hand, people
may just wish to keep
their stuff to themselves
in seldom read blogs,
like the stuff stuffed in
attics which someone
far on down the line would
take to Antiques Roadshow
when it comes to town
on the chance, it might
be a previously undiscovered
And yet, there is always
the dream of the Nobel
Prize in Literature, which
may have prompted
the copyright in the
first place. Or, as a writer
was once told by a friend
after reading the writer’s
first book, “What a wonderful
thing for the grandkids,

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