An Olive Branch, the Light of the Sun, Dragonflies and Hummingbirds in the Age of Coronavirus*

The heaviness hung even 
     on a light, bright day —
          a walk, a dog, a blanket,
a lake, joggers, cyclists, 
     fishers, three times around 
          the lake, a book to read 
and an unintended nap to refresh,
     relax, regroup. Through the 
          olive tree a hole -- light 
deflecting into rays of a cross 
     and dozens upon dozens of 
          dragonflies, glittering, silver
dragonflies flying around 
     the olive branches, peace, 
          lightness, spiritually lifting the 
heaviness, taking the heaviness up and away 
     and hummingbirds dancing with 
          the dragonflies and circling
the rays of light of the cross. 
     Lakotas say that hummingbirds
          come to tell us we need the 
purr, the whirr, the gift of 
     "the eternal lightness of being."

*idea from a meditation by
James Pennington

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