Let Us Entertain You

This shallow, superficial culture,
an inch thick, fed by a theology
also an inch thick, stroked by
absorption with “What are the
stars doing?” — this post-WWII
culture was ready-made for a
takeover by what Eisenhower
warned—a military/industrial
complex, which would guarantee
the fewest get the most and the
most is protected with violence
in fatigues, no names and the
ominous designation in capital
letters P-O-L-I-C-E while the
one percent feign happiness
and pretty, young, white wives
married to old, dementia prone
white billionaires (who own the
entertainment industry) lock
them in beautiful, gold-leafed
bedrooms while they have affairs
with younger white men who
simply and sincerely want to
entertain those lonely white wives
with the purest of motives fueled
by selfless altruism and sincere
patriotism and Second Amend-
ment rights in a culture one-inch-
thick fed by a theology one-inch-
thick where a president holds up
an upside-down Bible while the
P-O-L-I-C-E beat back M-O-M-S.

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